When placing our artwork on your website or other media, we ask that you follow our usage guidelines. The Pylons Project logos are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial.

Links and Attribution

Include a link to our official Pylons Project website with the following HTML code.

<a href=""></a>

In print media, use "Pylons Project" and "".


You may resize images, but you should preserve the aspect ratio to avoid distortion.

The minimum size of the logo should be 64 pixels, and the empty space around the logo should be at least 50% greater than the size of the logo itself.

For example, if the logo is 64 pixels square, then the empty space around it should be 32 pixels, yielding a total size of 128 pixels in either dimension.


Text or images may not be added such that it appears to be part of the logo.


Sufficient color contrast should be used. Avoid placing artwork with transparent backgrounds where the artwork becomes difficult to perceive for people with vision impairments. Never place a red logo with a transparent background on media with a dark background, and instead use a white logo to provide sufficient contrast.

Do not make the colors in the logo transparent.

Do not replace the colors of logos with custom colors. Use only "Pylons Project Dark Blue", "Pylons Project Light Blue", white, or black.

Pylons Project Dark Blue

  • Hex: #1b478f
  • RGB: 27, 71, 143
  • HSL: 217.24°, 81.12%, 56.08%
  • CMYK: 99.46%, 83.13%, 12.09%, 1.9%

Pylons Project Light Blue

  • Hex: #1b75bb
  • RGB: 27, 117, 187
  • HSL: 206.25°, 85.56%, 73.33%
  • CMYK: 85.1%, 49.95%, 0.43%, 0%


For best on-screen quality, SVG format is preferred, followed by PNG. For print, use PDF.

Pylons Project logos

Pylons Project logo

Blues on transparent background

For color reproduction


Pylons Project logo white on transparent background

White on transparent background

For media with dark backgrounds


Pylons Project logo black on transparent background

Black on transparent background

For greyscale or black and white media with light backgrounds