Pylons Project

We build Web Technologies
for the Python community

Our Projects


Filesystem interaction using transactions with ACID semantics.


An HTML form library.


The Start Small, Finish Big, Stay Finished Web Framework.


An application server based on Pyramid.


An internationalization library.


WSGI server for Python 2/3 that runs on UNIX and Windows.


WSGI request/response library.


Test a WSGI application without starting up an HTTP server.



The Start Small, Finish Big
Stay Finished Web Framework

Visit to learn more about the Pyramid web framework, our most featured project.

Pylons Project

The Pylons Project is composed of a disparate group of project leaders with experience going back to the very start of Python web frameworks.

Collectively, we have experience and humility gained by making (and surviving) every stupid decision that could be imagined. We aim to bring fresh ideas to classic web development problems.

Rather than focusing on a single web framework, the Pylons Project develops a collection of related technologies. The first package from the Pylons Project was the Pyramid web framework.

Other packages have been added to the collection over time, including higher-level components and applications. The project has become an ecosystem of well-tested, well-documented components which interoperate easily.