Get Support

Security Issues

To report security issues with projects under the Pylons Project, including Pyramid, send email to:

General Support

Development questions related to Pylons Project projects can be discussed on the pylons-discuss mail list.

On IRC, Pylons Project developers are generally available on the #pyramid channel on the Freenode IRC Network.

Using Support Wisely

Before asking a technical question on a mail list or in IRC, please make sure to try the following things (paraphrased from Before You Ask):

  • Try to find an answer by reading the manual.
  • Try to find an answer by searching the mail list archives.
  • Try to find an answer by searching the Web.
  • Try to find an answer by inspection or experimentation.
  • If you're a programmer, try to find an answer by reading the source code.

After exhausing these avenues, it's completely appropriate to ask a question on the pylons-discuss mail list or #pyramid and #pylons IRC channels. When you ask your question, please describe what you've learned from the efforts above, as it will help the developers focus on answering your question quickly. It also helps tremendously if you are able to provide a code or configuration snippet that makes the problem easily repeatable.

See also the section Reporting a Bug under How to Participate.